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BTI Telecommunications Inc.
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Rate Finder Make International Call from home or mobile phone at the same low rate.
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a chance to win $1000 in cash prizes Receive $10 per every referral & a chance to win $1000 in Cash Prizes.
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Referral Program
Receive $10 per Every Referral

Refer your friends and family members to BTI and receive either $10 in check or a free international call per every customer who switched his or her line to us. There is no limit on how many you may refer. For instance, receive $50 check for referring 5 customers or $100 check for referring 10 customers.


How does it work?

Give our phone number (1866-662-3781) to whom you know and make sure to ask them to mention your name and phone number at the time of sighing up with us, or call us yourself to give us the names and phone numbers of your friends and family members. Once your referred individuals switch to our carrier, a check will be mailed to your address.


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